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Category: Technology

The podcast for nerds who like science, gaming, entertainment, space exploration, energy, and anything else tech-related.

March 7, 2017

Robots Wearing Your Skin - CoT 065


Robots wearing your skin (and other pieces!), 94 year old Goodenough battery tech, AMD Ryzen, Youtube TV, Nokia 3310 redux, Privacy Watch, Content I Like, and Today I Learned!

February 20, 2017

Episode 64 - Taking A Break But Seeking Your Feedback


The Citizens are taking a couple of weeks off to deal with travel and family. While we're gone, send us some feedback to let us know how we're doing. Thanks!




February 13, 2017

Privacy Goes On Deathwatch - CoT 063


On this the 63rd episode of Citizens of Tech, the citizens have spoken. And what have they upvoted?

  • By the light of the tent
  • Enhance! Enhance! Enhance!
  • Tesla’s new power distribution buddy
  • Mesh backhaul
  • and more!
February 5, 2017

Brain-Computer Interfaces For The Locked-In - Episode 62


Today we’ve got Tesla getting pushback from legislators, unlocking brains, the most reliable hard drives, the Chevy Bolt reviewed, a Hackintosh Dell-enstein, and of course Content I Like and Today I Learned.

January 30, 2017

Lake Michigan’s Underwater Stonehenge - CoT 061


Today on the show: Star Trek Discovery, a HUD for your (current) car, ASUS starting a Pi fight, star dust on your roof, REM is good for your brain, Deathwatch, Content I Like, and Today I Learned!

January 23, 2017

Stealing Fingerprints From Photos - Episode 60


Today on the show: A blockchain social network, China driving down the price of solar power, Nintendo's Switch issues,  EV owners avoiding taxes, Faraday Future's FF91 sticker shock, giving away bio-data with a simple photo, measuring infinity with Verizon math, Content We Like and Today I Learned!